ManufacturingAre you sick and tired of receiving poor quality products or being messed around by foreign suppliers? Perhaps you'd like a product custom manufactured, yet communication is proving frustrating and difficult? For over 25 years, we have been connecting global buyers and wholesale suppliers with a network of trusted manufacturers in China, Taiwan, India and Sri Lanka. With established ties to the Far East, we have the experience to deal with the whole process, including the design, packaging, manufacture, export and import, from the factory floor, right to your door.

J&E Importers have built and developed a strong and dedicated manufacturing team, both in the UK and overseas. We are continually engaged in product development and we have a proven track record of developing your concept for cost effective tooling and manufacture. We are not tied to a single manufacturing plant and can therefore often deliver better cost savings when compared to other means of manufacture. As the sourcing agent, we take full responsibility for ensuring the quality of the product and handle the international transfer of funds. The process is simple, straightforward and you remain fully supported throughout.