Design & Branding

Design and BrandingOur in-house design team plays an essential role in making our distribution process so unique. Our experienced graphic designers are at hand to create fresh and creative packaging designs, or to re-work existing artwork with your brand logos. From design to prototype, to production and delivery, we closely monitor all processes to ensure complete consistency. Our graphic design team covers all aspects of visual communication, from product packaging to marketing material.

We also have years of experience in product design and development, and are continually engaged in developing concepts for cost effective tooling and manufacture. We specialise in developing supply chain solutions with our suppliers and customers in order to support the fast changing demands of the markets. This we achieve by working closely with technical and development teams in evolving new product requirements. With talented product designers and a vision to create value-based products that are innovative, modern in design, and constantly evolving with the needs of today's consumer, our brands are quickly becoming some of the industry's favourites.